Stands and intentions:

We live in the company of buildings. We do so casually and intuitively. Subtly, buildings shape our habits and the way we understand and engage with the world. By imagining them we are laying out a framework towards the realities we strive to inhabit.

We think of architecture as a discipline of exploration. It is a way of looking at the world. Therefore, we practice to keep learning.

Our world is constantly changing. Input is everywhere, instant and boundless. Architecture is an anchor. We are interested on its capacity to embody beliefs, aspirations, and concerns.

We like the juggle between architecture as an aesthetic discipline and architecture as an articulator of relationships: amongst us, with nature, with technology.

We are inspired by mixture. Our partnership is built on that. Based in New York with roots in Israel and Spain, we crossed the Atlantic to find common ground. We know that environments are enriched when cultures, generations, and sensitivities pollinate. In each project, we strive to support an encounter between outlooks, and establish meaningful bonds to improve the quality of life in and around them.

We came to pass, not to stay is the simplest, strongest statement about what our imprint on the environment should be.

This is our statement of practice as of August 2020. This document is alive and evolutionary. We dare, so we keep growing.

*   *   *

About Sharoni Urrutia:

Sharoni Urrutia is a New York-based design practice founded in 2020, led by Yaarit Sharoni and Juan Roque Urrutia. Using design as a means of exploration across subjects, typologies, and scales, Sharoni Urrutia undertakes an integrated approach to design, from project feasibility and conceptualization to execution. The studio is committed to thoughtfully conceived and carefully detailed architecture, where each project is an opportunity to express optimistic, curious, and inclusive takes on life.

Yaarit and Juan Roque met in 2011 while working at ODA New York. As Associate Directors they led awarded projects, including the conversion of the Postkantoor in Rotterdam as well as Denizen Bushwick and 100 Norfolk in New York, and coauthored the firm’s first book, Unboxing New York.

Yaarit Sharoni has been practicing for more than 14 years, working on diverse projects in the US and Europe, ranging from the conversion of a distinguished landmark in The Netherlands, iconic high-rises in New York and Los Angeles, celebrated affordable housing projects, and uniquely tailored residences. She is equipped to deal with complex settings through design, process management, and response to diverse agencies in highly collaborative environments. As a cofounder of Sharoni Urrutia, Yaarit brings her strategic lead and sensitive design approach. She believes that architecture has the ability to trigger social benefits for communities and support their adaptability in pursuit of a more sustainable future. Yaarit graduated summa cum laude from the Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture at City College in New York.

Juan Roque Urrutia has practiced as a designer and creative director for more than nine years in New York. He graduated from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de San Sebastián in Spain before completing his training in architecture in Delft and Berlin. Throughout his career, Juan has led teams on awarded competitions in Rotterdam, New York and Detroit, displaying a broad vision to the challenges in play through a careful analysis of context and semiotics. He is skilled in the development of creative content, narratives, and overall communications. As cofounder of Sharoni Urrutia, he brings a comprehensive approach to design. Juan Roque has been a guest academic critic at Columbia GSAPP, the School of Architecture at City College, the New York Institute of Technology, the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture and Clemson School of Architecture, among others.

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